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JPOD Charlotte

With so much programming going on within the Jewish community JPOD CLT aims to educate and inform you each week, so you can get involved in programs that you feel passionate about.  Episodes will cover topics ranging from social action opportunities, holiday and community events, or personal stories, and how they make our Jewish community stronger and more visible to the greater Charlotte region.  Listen on your way to work, school or the gym once a week for just a few minutes to learn about the opportunities and stories available in your Jewish backyard.  Please send feedback, ideas, or events to

Feb 24, 2020

Judy Seldin-Cohen: The Impact of Volunteering

Judy Seldin-Cohen shares two examples, Shalom Park Freedom School and A Way Home Housing Endowment, of how a group of passionate volunteers can really make an impact.  Finding the right place to volunteer for yourself makes it meaningful and worth fitting into a busy...

Feb 17, 2020

Artist in Residence at Temple Israel

Temple Israel is hosting its first ever Artist in Residence with Mordechai Rosenstein on March 5-8th.  There will be opportunities all weekend for the community to listen, paint and learn.  Rabbi Helene Kornsgold, Director of Congregational Education and Arial DiDonato, Director of...

Feb 10, 2020

Community Organizing 101 and 102 at Temple Beth El

What is community organizing? Who would be interested? Why does this fit into Reform Judaism?  Rabbi Dusty Klass, Associate Rabbi at Temple Beth El answered all my questions and convinced me to put these two seminars on my calendar - March 4th and April 5th.   

Feb 3, 2020

Lunch and Learn at Temple Israel

Rabbi Howard Siegel, Senior Interim Rabbi, inherited the lunch and learn series and has made it his own by exploring the writings of Rabbi Harold Kushner every second Thursday of the month at 11am since September.  He also discusses his role as Interim Rabbi and the introduction of an...